Friday, April 6, 2007

A Hard Day

Have you ever had one of those days? I am just beyond myself right now. Today is a day when I feel like I am completely done having kiddos. I know that is a decision that can't be made when there is this much emotion rolled up in there. But, I am just worn out and beat down today, and I could not imagine adding another child into the mix. Dustin has been gone since Tuesday for business. The boys overall have been good, but yesterday to a degree and now today have been anything but. My main problem, is my 4 yr old's behavior. I know it is just typical 4 yr old boy things, but I absolutely can't stand be deliberatly disobeyed. He is breaking all the rules and then lying about it. He is whining until he gets his way. I swear I feel like I have fussed and spanked all day today. I feel like I need to call Nanny 911 on myself, but I know this is just a phase, and he will eventually phase back into good behavior. He has done this since he was 2, he'll have months of just a sweet, great, well behaved child, and then months of just being a toot. Now he can talk back, and it is just doing me in. It is just all the little things that he is doing that is driving me bonkers. All the things he knows better, but does anyway because he wants to.

He told me yesterday that when he gets to be the dad that he won't ever make his kids sit in time out.

He also so said he is so mistreated because he never gets to do what he wants.

Hello, where did my baby go!?! Those are big kid statements, when did this transformation happen? I was getting all excited, because reinforcements were coming tonight (aka my parents). I just called to ask what time they would be here, and they have changed their minds and are just going to come in the morning instead. One more night, I can make it...right? To top it off 2 grandparents mailed us money to get a present for Brayden for tomorrow. So now I have to somehow try to figure out a way to get to the store to buy 2 presents and then wrap them all without him seeing. I am having a nervous breakdown just thinking of trying to take the 3 of them to the store today.

Anybody have any miracle ideas for dealing with a very strong-willed 4 yr old?


brickmomma said...

Oh sorry Icouldn't have been more helpful... I know you must be beat. At least you know the cycle and good comes after the storm. Happy Happy Easter~

Lindsey said...

Girl, if I had the answer, my life would be SO much easier!!! Just know that you're not alone! Ethan is just as difficult!! I feel bad for him though b/c his older and younger brother are so much more obedient! There will come a day when we wish they were 4 again, I'm sure of it!

Anonymous said...

4 was the hardest with our Callie! Hang in there! Nicole