Sunday, April 8, 2007

Our Easter Morning

Brandt woke up this morning at 5:20 screaming that his stomach was hurting. He was throwing up, but nothing of substance. He would be fine for about a minute or 2 and then heaving again. He was in intense pain, and couldn't get comfortable. A little after 6 he ASKED to go to the hospital so I knew it was bad. He was so miserable and crying and doubled over. It is so hard to watch your child going through that. When we got to St Joe's we got back into the ER pretty quickly. They gave him an IV with the fluids, Zofran for the nausea, and morphine for the pain. The morphine took the edge off, but he was still in a lot of pain. They took 3 x-rays that were inconclusive. So he went down for a CAT Scan. His white blood count was 20 instead of the normal 12. They said that was either a blockage or an appendicitus, but they were almost certain it was his appendix. When he had the CAT scan they have to insert dye rectally, and afterwards he had a huge BM, and almost immediately started feeling better (something 6 doses of morphine couldn't do). Since he was feeling better, they changed their minds and didn't make us stay for observation. So now we are home, but they said the CAT scan didn't say yes it was his appendix, but it also didn't say that it wasn't. He said if it is, then it will probably flare up again today/tonight. So please keep him in your prayers that this is over, and it was just an intestional blockage that was passed.

UPDATE: 4/8/07 3:15 PM
Well Brandt's stomach is hurting him again, nothing like this morning, but it is very painful to the touch. So off to the hospital again we go. When I called earlier (he had started throwing up again), they are pretty certain they will keep him overnight for observation. Praise God, my parents were here for Brayden's birthday yesterday and stayed for Easter today. So they are taking the other 2 kids back to Austin with them now.
Please pray this is nothing serious, and that if he does end up needing surgery that God would direct the doctor's hands.

UPDATE: 4/9/07 12:40 PM
Brandt had a good evening, and his stomach hasn't hurt since yesterday afternoon. He had IV fluids all night, and today he is an all new little boy. He is very active and dying to get out of here (which we should do in just a little while). They think he had a blockage in his large intestines, and it passed yesterday right after the CAT scan. Since he hadn't had anything to eat or drink since dinner Saturday, he was also getting dehydrating. So we are praying that he is good to go now, and all of this is past us. He has a dr appt with a pediatric gastrointerologist on Thursday.

Thanks for all of your prayers!

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