Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Birthdays and Carnivals, Oh My!

We celebrated Brayden's 3rd birthday last night at McDonalds. We had such a good time, and he just had a blast. There were 15 kids, so I was so glad I didn't have to clean up afterwards. lol He was so cute, he is still young enough that he was going crazy over even the cards. When we got home he kept asking me to tell him Happy Birthday and when I did he would say thank you. We had a great day, it is so hard to believe he will be 3 on Saturday.

I love the look on his face! He was just so excited with everything he opened. This is a cowboy dress up set from a little girl in his class.

Twice a year a little carnival comes to our mall and sets up. The boys have been begging to go the last few weeks and decided they wanted to spend their piggy bank money on it. Things have been so hectic that we were afraid they were going to leave before we got to go over there. Dustin left this evening for Dallas for 3 nights for training, so we ran over there and let them ride a few rides before he left. It was a great little family time. Dustin commented on how shortly it was going to be before it was going to cost us $135 to get wristbands for everyone. Thankfully now they are ok with going on around 6 rides and calling it a day.
We didn't take Bryson on any of the rides and he rode contently in the stroller. For any of you that know him well, you know this was a miracle in itself!!!
The boys absolutely loved this dragon rollercoaster. They laughed just about the whole time from when they left the gate until it pulled back in. They loved it so much, they rode this one twice.
What a priceless picture. They were holding hands and running around trying to decide what to do next. It is moments like that, that make this crazy life we lead worth it. Brotherly love, there is nothing like it!


brickmomma said...

I LOVE that picture of the boys holding hands! Very impressive..... you need to frame it! Thanks again for being such a HUGE help lately!

Lindsey said...

I know why Bryson won't stay in his stroller!! It's b/c of that ugly Aggie thing behind his head! I wouldn't want to be in there either! LOL!!