Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Eventful Morning!

Bryson woke up at 7 and I went into his room and his leg was stuck in his crib. Everytime I touched his leg he would scream. I sprayed it with cooking oil, but it didn't budge. His knee was being pushed in 1/2 way, he is just so chubby that I couldn't get the thigh & knee back through the bars. I tried and tried and he kept screaming and I just couldn't get it out. I ran next door and to the house next to that and no one was home. I kept trying to call Dustin at work and after about the 8th time he finally answered. So he came home and with us pulling on the wooden bars and him pushing we got him out. He cried and cried, but he was finally free. He has some pretty nasty bruises now, but considering everything that was the best outcome. Now I am scared to put him back in there. The crib makes into a toddler bed, but it has the same bars on the sides and back. I am totally not ready to put him in a toddler bed, so I am not sure what to do. Ack! He is only 18 months old, and into EVERYTHING, so I can't even imagine if he was free to roam around while he was suppose to be sleeping. It is never boring at my house. lol

It is hard to see, but the nasty bruise that is on top is also on both sides. Plus it is red all the way around.


Nicole said...

OH MY! I am so sorry! Leave it to one of your boys!!! Do you have a bumper pad on there? I am sure you do. I am goingt o have to think on that one. I dont blame you for not wanting to go through that again!

brickmomma said...


Stephanee said...

We had the same exact thing happen with Benjamin when he was around that age. He would be trying to climb out and would then get it stuck. You could try to borrow someone elses crib or like we did - Ben slept in the port-a-crib for about 6 months until we felt like he had outgrown the chance of getting his leg stuck. He just got bigger and I didn't feel like it would happen anymore and it never did. But I'm with you, I didn't want him able to roam around outside his crib until he was much older! We still don't like him roaming too much and he's three! Hope that helps!