Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What a Fun Day!

I had purchased everything to make Easter Eggs, and our Easter didn't go as planned. Brandt ended up in the ER early, and we had to really squeeze in the Easter egg hunt before heading back to the hospital. Brandt begged to color Easter eggs and so that is what we did today! lol Nothing like 6 weeks after Easter, but heck they turned out cute & had a great time so who cares. Here are their creations:

This afternoon a friend called and wanted to take her son to get snowcones and go to the park. I suggested the splash pad since I could already invision what my kids were going to look like after eating a snowcone, and I figured that would be a fun way to clean off. So we went over to the splashpad, and had a great time. This was our 2nd time to go this year, and I am just surprised how much Bryson likes it. He is only 18 months old, and is not scared of the water at all. Last year, Brayden had just turned 2 and it took some real coaxing (and about 3 trips to the water pad) before he would get in. Bryson only needed to watch the other kids for about 2 minutes and realized it was ok, and off he went. Here are a few pics from today.

Brayden loved standing in the water and having it splash on him.

Bryson kept trying to figure out a way to drink the water. Again notice how completely NOT afraid of the water he is.

He also loved walking under the water and having it fall on him.

This is Brayden, Brandt, and Brandt's best friend Clayton. This bucket fills with water and then dumps over, and usually there are a ton of kids there, so it was neat to get a picture with just them. Bryson was standing there and at the last minute decided to move. lol

Bryson was enjoying his snowcone. He decided it was easier to reach in and grab it, than to use a spoon. By the end his shirt was covered with blue snowcone, but thankfully all the playing in water got it out before we left.

We had a really fun day today. The kids were all well behaved and used their manners. Brandt laid on the sofa and snuggled with me for a while tonight, and it has been a while since he has done that. It was really nice. Of course, Brayden snuggled for a while too, but he is my snuggle bug.

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