Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Phew, glad that is behind us!

Brayden's surgery went well. Most of the kids had to be carried to the back and then they would take the bed back later. But he actually rode the bed back there. The dr said it went well, he had a lot of mucus like fluid in the right ear that he removed. In a little while I can hear Brayden screaming coming down the hall. I open the door and I can't see him, he is just being so loud I can hear him perfectly. lol Anyway he screamed and kicked for about 45 minutes and then was back to his sweet self. They said it is the medicine he is reacting to, and it isn't him that is doing it. They said some adults do that, and it will probably be something he always does and that he is not in control. He just has a bad reaction to being put under (he has done the same with an iv and with gas).

We survived the car ride. It was raining so hard coming and going in Dallas that we were driving 30 mph for a while. That was fun, but other than that is was good. My grandmother was being oh so very cranky, and if the kids were in the house she was fussing at them that they *might* hurt something. So thankfully both of my cousins and their families live there so we hung out mostly with them and stayed with one of them. Overall it was really good. I just hate that we couldn't see my grandmother longer, but oh well. It wasn't worth her fussing at my kids, and they were actually being VERY good. For instance Brayden was sitting at the bar eating a go-gurt. He eats them all the time and he was sitting at the table for crying out loud. She hovered over him fussing the whole time that he better not drop anything. omg It didn't seem to bother him, but it did me so we just went outside and played. For the record, he didn't spill a single drop. lol and it is yougurt and can be wipe doff the table/tile even if he had.

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