Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Off to the Doctor!

We just got home from Mother's Day Out and Preschool, and the baby is napping. The older boys are laying on the sofa, suppose to be watching Animal Planet and relaxing. The house is eerily quiet, but not for long. Brayden comes running in screaming that his ear hurts. Brandt has taken a small play sword from his Ninja Turtle and jabbed it in his brother's ear. Yes the one who has had 2 sets of tubes, his adneoids removed, and is scheduled for his 3rd set of tubes on May 25th. Has he lost his mind?!?!?! He claims Brayden asked him to, but regardless, he is intelligent, he knows that is horrible idea. So I put his drops in and called the drs office, and they seem concerned and asked to see him at 4:15. Great, now I'll get to wake the baby and take 3 kids to the drs office, and try to keep them quiet while we wait, for probably at least 30 minutes to an hour...the ENT's office is always so behind. This is a time when I hate I don't have any close neighbors anymore that could come hang out while the baby finished his nap. He is going to be oh so cranky for the rest of the evening since he is going to get up before he is ready. Please pray they didn't do any major damage to his ear.

UPDATE: After waiting 45 minutes, although Dustin did get the message I left him and met me there after about 15 minutes, the Dr said he had a lot of irritation in his canal. He said there was blood, but he thinks they missed the ear drum, he would like to see him in a week after the swelling and irritation of the canal has gone down to make sure the ear drum is ok. However, since we already will be in surgery in 8 days, he said they would just check it over really well then and no need to come back.


brickmomma said...

OH MAN! What a bummer of an afternoon. Glad it wasn't any worse, though!

Nicole said...

Ok, all swords are removed from your household! (and anything else pokey that might could go down a little ear). OK, maybe you just need to purchase 3 large bubbles, place a Vaughn boy in each one & then go take a NAP! WHEW!