Monday, April 7, 2008


Today my big guy turned 4!!! I can't believe it, where has the time gone? He was so excited for his birthday, and he woke up asking everyone to wish him a happy birthday, and then he would giggle and say thank you. He picked out chocolate pudding for breakfast, and made sure to tell his wonderful preschool teacher what mommy gave him. lol After preschool, we went to his brother's T-Ball game and he was so excited to get a snowcone. He asked for McDonalds for dinner, so we drove over there and let him play and eat. The manager gave the boys ice cream (well Brandt got a cookie instead), and Brayden was so happy. He told us today was his real birthday, and tomorrow would no longer be his birthday. I am glad he got that concept, my guess is he realizes his party is Saturday, so they fall on 2 different days, but this is the day that made him 4. When the grandparents called he made sure to tell each one that today was his birthday, like they didn't know. lol This might work to our advantage though, because we struggle with him getting himself ready, he would rather us do it. However, with 3 kids and soon to be 4, the more they can do for themselves the easier it is on me. Well as we were leaving McDonalds he brought me his shoes and asked me to put them on him, now keep in mind that we specifically bought velcro so he could do it. Dustin told him, 4 year olds put their own shoes on and he said "oh silly me, I forgot". Then he did it by himself, I am praying this continues. lol
I am stealing this idea from Brickmama, but here are 4 of his favorite things.
1. Watermelon
2. Strawberries
3. Oranges
4. Apples
As you can tell, he is my fruit eating machine!
Favorite things to watch:
1. Diego
2. Tom & Jerry
3. Snow Buddies, or anything Air Buddies
4. Ice Age
Favorite things to do:
1. Ride Champ (his cousin's horse)
2. Play with Brick 1 & 2 on Mondays and Fridays
3. Play with his brothers
4. Sneak into our bed at night
Favorite places to go:
1. To the grandparents
2. To Chuck E Cheese or Gattiland
3. To Awanas
4. To Brandt's baseball games
We are very lucky to call you our son Brayden! We are very proud of you and all you have accomplished. You have worked so hard on your speech and are making such strong headways. You love your brothers very much, and are getting very good with sharing. You know so much about Jesus and have a real love for Him. We are amazed at all the little details you remember that you have learned. We are so proud of your true understanding of holidays: that Christmas is really about Jesus being born and not just Santa and presents, and Easter is about Him being risen from the dead, not just baskets, bunnies, and candy. We are so excited for what God is going to do in your life the older you get.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Brayden!!!

I know my daughter thinks you're pretty cool!!! :-) There's a sense of importance when she tells me about her adventures with Brayden!


Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Brayden!! I hope you've had a wonderful celebration! I can't wait to hear about your party!!

Have a great birthday week!

brickmomma said...

Happy Happy Birthday, buddy!