Friday, April 18, 2008

Interesting afternoon...

Around 11 am this morning it dawned on me that I had not felt Brennan move all day. Now he is not a big mover, plus I have an anterior placenta, which makes it even harder to feel. We called our doctor's office and we were informed we needed to go into Labor & Delivery to be monitored. Now when we had the non-stress test on Monday he barely moved, even zapping him with this sound machine, but his heart rate was good so they deemed that he had passed. So today I figured we would go in and they would see the heartbeat and send us home. Well as soon as the monitor hit my stomach we heard the heartbeat, that was a huge sigh of relief. They monitored me for a while, and came in and told me that while his heartrate is good it is not fluctuating and reacting like they want to see. She said there was a decent chance they would be delivering me today...ummm wow, totally not expecting that. She had me lay on my left side and finally his heart rate started reacting, although he still wasn't moving where I could feel him. My OB has written on my chart that he'll deliver, whether he is on call or not. So after some tracking down we find out he is in Houston. They ordered a very detailed biprofile ultrasound and they checked him over(kidneys, bladder, breathing movement, etc), and with a lot of poking and proding he finally moved 3 times (which is what is required to pass). Only 1 of those was a big enough movement for me to feel though. So they kind of left it up to us what we did, and we decided to go home and wait for my appointment on Monday since he passed all of the test even though I couldn't feel him. The nurse feels confident that after my appointment on Monday at 1, I'll be sent over to L&D and have a baby and that gives him a few more days to bake. She made me promise that if I felt uncomfortable with his lack of movement again I had to come back in. So until it happens nothing is set in stone, but it looks like Monday is D day. They sent me home on bed rest until Monday and want me on my left side until then. So this will be very interesting with the 3 boys home, Brandt should be fine, but if I am here the other 2 want to be on me and hanging on me. Please pray this goes well, and Brennan gets here safely on Monday if that is what is best.

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