Friday, April 25, 2008

Brennan's Pictures, finally!

Brennan just a few minutes old, I hadn't even held him yet.

The 1st time Brandt saw him, he was only a few hours old.

The 1st time Brayden held him, he is just a few hours old. Brayden is so super excited about his brother, he actually cried when he had to leave the hospital at night and Brennan wasn't coming with him.

Bryson holding him the 1st time. I wasn't sure how Bryson would do with Brennan. he never really acted like he understood we were having a baby. However, he has done wonderful with him. He loves him and is very gentle, and has not been jealous at all.

Brennan at 1 day old

Brennan getting his hearing test. They just started doing this test in the room with the parents, so we have never been present before. It looks so cute, like he is jamming to music.

Leaving the hospital. The blanket he has is the one that someone made for my grandmother over 60 years ago. My aunt and dad both used it when they came home from the hospital, plus all of my siblings, my nephews, and all 4 boys. It is pink on 1 side and blue on the other, and is really great shape. The outfit he came home in is the same one Dustin came home in and all 3 of the other boys.


Lindsey said...

Awwww!!! He's so cute! And you look great! Just like Jen - no one should look that good after having a baby!

Congrats again!

Quiltermama said...

You all look so great!!!

Another handsome boy!!!

Loving this and the Bluebonnet pictures!!!


Alison said...

kelly!omg, brennan is the most beautiful little thing. lindsey is right~you looked amazing leaving the hopital! i love the ones of the boys holding him!love yov my friend~you are one blessed mama.

Emily said...

Congrats to you guys. He is precious. Molly said Brayden was proud of his new brother at school.

brickmomma said...

So seriously, this was the first tim I have been envious........I am missing my tiny baby.........

Love you guys a TON!