Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Week Old!

Brennan was 1 week old yesterday, it is amazing how completely in love you can fall so quickly. He has been just about perfect. He likes to nurse all day long, but he has been so good at night that I can't really complain. The boys are still very much in love with him. My mother in law has been here this week, and has been a tremendous help. She has just about caught us up on laundry and has driven the boys to and from all week allowing me to rest some.

Brennan went to the pediatrician on Monday and was 6 pounds 5 ounces (what he was when we were discharged from the hospital). He said since my milk didn't come in until Saturday he had probably gotten as low as 6 pounds even to 6 pounds 2 ounces. He didn't look jaundice at all, so we didn't have to test him. He said he should have no trouble regaining his birth weight by his 2 week check up on Tuesday. We have been having to wake him up at night to feed, but last night he woke himelf up each time just before the alarm was to go off. Of course, starting tonight we can let him sleep as long as he wants at night, but he will probably be waking himself up again. lol

Brennan very rarely cries, and if he does it is only when he is hungry. As soon as he is eating he is done crying. He loves holding fingers and to snuggle. He would lay on your chest for hours if you let him. He is also very alert. When he was born he was wide awake and didn't shut his eyes until he was over 1 1/2 hours old. He still is very alert and always looking around and taking everything in. We are truly blessed!

After his 1st bath. I wanted a crying picture, but he is so mellow it took a while to get it. lol


Amanda said...

He's so precious! I love the sleeping picture, so peaceful.

Lindsey said...

Kelly!!! Seeing these pictures has gotten me SO excited!!! I can't wait til my little guys are here!!

I had a friend over yesterday that has been to your blog (from mine) and she thinks your boys are SO cute! I of course had to tell her the story of how we're friends!

Amanda said...

What a little sweetie! I'm glad everything is going so well.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you on Saturday or Sunday. I am going with Kim on Saturday to Lexington and then her b-day party at her friends. I am her mercy since I won't have a car there. I can't wait to spend the week with you and the boys! Tell them all I love them and look forward to staying with y'all.

Aunt Kristi

Quiltermama said...

Such a sweet little guy! So petite! It looked like your husband was just wearing a baby blanket on his shoulder when I saw ya'll the other day at the pediatrician's office! S has been carrying her babydolls around like that ever since! :-)

Karlise said...

Aww he's sooo cute!!! You have a gorgeous family Kelly!