Monday, June 1, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am not a photoholic. I did not just add up and realize I had taken over 2700 photos of my kids during the month of May. That would be absurd! I mean I know we had lots of special events in May, but WOWZA! That would mean I never left home without my camera, and I can certainly be separated from it.

This week I certainly did not get locked out of my house. You see the front door only has a deadbolt, so the only way to lock it would be with a key or from the inside of the house. The baby was in his bed sleeping and the older 3 boys were on the front porch playing with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. So I felt comfortable walking outside to join them with my keys hanging on the key rack. The thought never entered my mind until I went to get back inside and the door wouldn't budge. The culprit...

Don't let this sweet face fool you! Our Boxer puppy, Kendall, wasn't at all anxious to get outside and join us. She would never jump on the door to try to make her escape. Even though Boxers as a whole like to jump, our Kendall never jumps on anything...quite the angelic dog actually. As she landed her foot wouldn't have caught the deadbolt and turned, thus locking us out. I mean what are the odds of being locked out of your own house by a dog nonetheless.

I most certainly didn't have BOTH cars in the driveway. With Brandt having Kindergarten graduation that morning we hadn't decided to go eat and just drop Daddy off at work instead of coming all the way home to drop us off first. That would mean we would all have to load up and go pick him up in a mere 2 hours. Now I had a dilemma, keys and a sleeping baby inside and 3 sweaty and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes boys stuck outside. I normally drop my cell phone off on the entryway table as I walk inside, but nope not this time. I had just gotten off the phone with my sister and it was in my pocket. Thank heavens!

When I called Dustin to save us, he did not have to stifle his laughter for he would know this is a will be funny later and not right this moment type of situation. All is well that ends well though and my knight in shining armor came home to rescue us via a coworkers borrowed car.

Sadly this was not my only time I have been locked out of my house. When I was 7 months pregnant with Brennan, Dustin was working really late. He had been practically living at work and working 17+ hour days the entire week. On one such day he was going to come home to eat dinner and head back up there. I went in the house set the keys on the aforementioned key rack, turned the oven on, let the dog back inside, and then headed out to the car to bring in groceries. My older 2 boys came outside to help me bring them in and when Brayden got to the door he couldn't open it. Me being mighty woman thought I could do it, only to find it locked shut.

Inside I saw my mischievous 3rd son shooting back and forth in front of the door. As soon as he realized I couldn't get in he went and grabbed his Valentine's Day candy his grandparents had sent him and brought it in front of the door for me to see him devour. He then went and watched some TV, then proceeded to go play upstairs. The only time he cried through any of this is when he got to the top of the stairs and the gate was locked and he couldn't get through. Silent victory for mommy. He then went and got more candy and stood in front of our glass door so I could watch him as he drooled red, slimy, goo from his mouth all over the floor and door handle. He kept teasing me by messing with the door and turning the porch light on and off but would not unlock the door. He then went and got a HUGE bag of candy and came to the door. Thankfully, he didn't call my bluff when I told him very sternly through the door that he better not touch that candy or else. I could see him trying to decide whether to mind or eat the candy when daddy showed up and unlocked the door. Thankfully, daddy didn't go back to work that evening and it was a good 15 months before I got locked out again.


Carrie said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! I don't even know what else to say!! And no, I'm NOT laughing my head off right now at your saga...that would NOT be very friendly of me would it. :) Great post!

Erica said...

LOL, I can just see one of my kids doing that with the candy, and then that puppy, who is adorable by the way! Happy NMM!

Sean and Kristi said...

I hope that was me you were on the phone with. Got to love boys! Good thing Bryson was young enough being stern was enough!