Friday, June 11, 2010

Frugal Friday

Sorry I missed last week's Frugal Friday, but I was attending a homeschooling conference out of town and my sister took us to the Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs baseball game that night.

This week my tip is to check out your local hair design schools. We have a local one named Charles and Sue's. I call and ask for a student who is close to graduation, and I usually get someone who is within 2-3 weeks of graduation. I get lots of compliments on my hair, and people can not believe I get it done there. The plus is I can get a hair cut, 2 different shade of highlights, the special shampoo and conditioner, blow dried and styled for $50 after tip. That is at least half of the price of having the same person do my hair 2 weeks later at their new job. An instructor does check your hair before you leave. The downside to this is you always get someone new doing your hair since your last person is now graduated and working at a salon.

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Kierstyn said...

I did that once. I didn't ask for someone close to graduation (GREAT idea!) and it took FOREVER!! There is no way I could take that kind of time now. How long does it take you to just get your hair cut?