Monday, September 24, 2007

God is good!

We put the boys to bed, and Brandt came up with about every known excuse to get out of bed. He came and told us the laundry room was making water noises. We told him to get in bed, and went and looked. Sure enough there was water everywhere. With some investigating we determined the light fixture was FULL of water. Praise God there wasn't a fire, or we weren't electrocuted when we turned the light on. We got that off, and turned all the water off in the upstairs bathroom. However, it was still leaking heavily. We decided to get our neighbor, Mr Armstrong, did I also mention he is my boss :o) . Can you believe he had the same issue at his house LAST week, so he knew what to look for. Unfortunately, his wasn't caught quickly and was a huge disaster. He went straight to our A/C vent upstairs and voila! It is filled with water and leaking. So they are up there trying to fix the problem without ruining the drywall downstairs. Can you believe the drywall was completely dry still...completely a God thing! Brandt caught it almost immediately from when it started. Who knows how long this is going to take, but I am so thankful we found the problem and Rob knows what to do since he just fixed his. Could you imagine if Brandt hadn't notified us and the drywall came crashing down in the middle of the night? It would have really really freaked me out. Please pray this goes quickly and smoothly.

9/24 Dinner for a good cause!

Here is an easy way to help fight childhood cancer. All day today, Chili's resturants nationwide are donating 100% of their profits to St. Jude's Hospital. If you are thinking of going out for food or just don't want to cook or you simply want to support the fight against childhood cancer, please consider eating at Chili's today!,2516,410_2034_23696,00.html

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Texas A&M vs Miami game

I thought this looked like a lot of fun:

What: Texas A&M vs. Miami football game televised at Kyle Field
Where: North-east corner of stadium ("the ZONE" seating) - game will be shown on the jumbo-tron.
When: Game starts at 6:45, gates should open around 6:15-ish,
Admission: Free (Concessions available)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Is this not the cutest pregnancy tummy ever?

Well we couldn't hide it any longer. I had to get out my maternity clothes last night, because my regular pants are just too uncomfortable! We told my boss today, who was thrilled for us. So tonight we told the boys and took them to McDonalds to celebrate. Brayden jumped up & down and yelled yay! Brandt was a little more subdued, but I heard him lean over to Bryson and tell him we were going to have a new baby. He has said how excited he is and happy he is to have a new baby. He then was talking about his sister. We kept telling him it could be a boy, and he said he knew, but he thinks it is a girl so that is why he said it. lol

A really funny story: we got home and Brandt asked how we were going to get a new baby, were we going to adopt. I told him no I had a baby in my tummy, and he wanted to know how I knew. I said see how my tummy is bigger, that is how we know. He said well how do you know that is a baby and not food! lol I about died laughing.

Anyway, we ran by Motherhood Maternity tonight to see if they had any cheap shirts I could wear to work (since I have a ton of t-shirts, but not a lot of work appropriate shirts. Brayden saw those tummy pillows they have so you can see what the clothes will fit like when you get bigger. He put it on, and he has to be the cutest little pregnancy tummy I have ever seen!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Late Birthday to my baby!

Brandt turned 5 last Friday on the 31st. He had his birthday party this morning at the swimming pool. It was a lot of fun, and it is so hard to believe he is already 5! Where did the time go? He is such a little boy now, he is really growing up. He surprises us daily with all that he knows. He is loving school. Here is a video I made for Brandt.
ep, that is right! We are expecting baby number four in early May. I go to the dr in another week and a half, and hopefully will get an exact due date then. We are very excited, and yes this baby was planned and already very loved. I have had several rough days where I just feel terrible. Hopefully that will ease up, but I am afraid it is just starting, since I am almost 6 weeks. We haven't told the boys yet, because I know Brandt will tell everyone at school, and I am not ready to tell my boss yet. lol I am hoping to wait to closer to 12 weeks before we tell them, but I am afraid I will start showing sooner and have to tell. We showed the video to our family while they were here for the party, and I loved their expressions. I think they are excited, I am sure some think we are crazy. We have always agreed that we would have 4, but after having the boys so close in age it made us second guess ourselves. Dustin and I each came to each other and felt like our family wasn't complete, after we had been discussing being done. We knew God was telling us that our family wasn't yet complete. Boy or girl, this will be it, and our family will be complete.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

And just like that, God provided an answer

When I was dropping the boys off this morning I ran into a friend whose little girl was in Brayden's class last year at Central. She was adding her daughter to Brayden's class this year at Hillcrest. We got to talking waiting for the teachers' morning meeting to be over. She volunteered to pick up both boys on Tuesday and Thursday and take them to her house to play for an hour. She lives probably 3 minutes away from the church, and this will allow me to get them when I get off, and not have to deal with Dustin taking off everyday in the middle of the day to make the long trek. I didn't even think about that possibility until she had already volunteered. Isn't it amazing how God works sometimes?

Here is my schedule during the week, it makes me tired just looking at it. lol
Mondays: Drop Brandt off at school at 7:45, take Brayden to preschool by 8:45, then drop Bry off to his childcare and head back to BCS. Thankfully in the afternoons a friend is taking Brayden home from preschool, so I'll get Brandt, then go get Brayden from the friend, and then go get Bry and head home.

Tuesdays: Meet a different friend and give her my youngest 2 to take to MDO and pick up her son. Get both of them to BCS by 8, now the afternoons will be easier because I just have to drive across town to get them from their friend's house.

Wednesday: Meet same friend and give her Brayden and take her son. Drop Bry off at his childcare, and then get both boys to BCS by 8. I will run over at lunch and pick Brayden up from preschool and take him where Bry is. Then after school I will immediately take Brandt to his Spanish class and while he is there go pick up the other 2 and come back and get him.

Thursdays: I don't have a class until 10:30 so it is a much less rushed morning. I take Brandt to school at 7:30 and then come home and get ready. Take both boys to MDO and then pick them up in the afternoons from my friend's house.

Fridays: Take Brayden to speech at 7:30, take Brandt to school. Come back and get Brayden, then take Bry to his childcare and then Brayden on to preschool by 8:45, then dart back to school on time for my class at 9:30. This will be the hardest to get back to since it is completely across town from his preschool. I will sometimes get done at 1:45 and sometimes I will have meetings until 3:45. When I am done I will go get Brayden from my friend who has graciously taken him home from preschool, and then get Bry and then head home.

It is a lot of running, but worth it I think. Next year since Brayden will be at BCS too, and Bry won't be old enough for preschool yet, I think I am going to try to find someone to come to my house to watch him. That would simplify things a lot, especially since I only live maybe 5 minutes from school, but spend over an hour trying to get everyone where they go in the mornings and afternoons.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sorry for the lull in posts

It just seems each day is about the same with nothing really to post about. I spend all morning shuffling and trying to get the kids where they need to go, sometimes in 3 different directions and then rush to school in time for my 1st class. I am a little stressed about how to get the younger boys picked up on Tuesday and Thursdays. I was a dork and put them across town where they get out at 3, and I can't get to them until 3:45 or so. Dustin left work at 2:30 to get them by 3 today and barely made it (you literally can not get any further apart in town that Dustin's work and their Mother's Day Out). His boss was not to excited about the idea of him needing to do this twice a week every week. So now I am left scrambling again. I could get them at my lunch break, but they wouldn't reduce the tuition and then I would have to pay Fit for Kids for those hours, and I have already paid. We are already stretching our childcare budget, and that just isn't in the cards (imagine how little teachers get paid, and divide that by 2, and that is about how much private school teachers make). Don't get me wrong, I love my job, I love that I have Brandt in my class twice a week, I love that they not only allow but stronly encourage me to participate in fieldtrips, etc. All in all I am thrilled with our decision, the next few years until all our kids are a Brazo Christian will just be challenging to say the least.

I called and Brayden will start speech again with Mrs Jones starting Friday. It will be for 30 minutes at 7:30. Last year I would have croaked at 7:30, but this year it works great, because I can drop him off, then run Brandt to school, then come back and get him, then take Bryson to fit for kids, then take Brayden onto Central. I will be pooped by the time I get back to school, but it will be worth it if it can help him catch up with his speech. He is still nowhere near the other kids, but he is getting easier and easier to understand.