Friday, January 11, 2013

More pictures of Brandt's party

For Brandt's 10th birthday we had a local reptile rescue group come and bring some of their reptiles. All the kids loved getting to pet, hold, and ride the reptiles.
The highlight of the party was Cal 
The birthday boy going for a ride
Brandt holding a blue tongue skink
This girl was fearless and held anything and everything she could
Love his face!
My 3rd son loved the Tegu
Some of the party goers :)

Brandt's Reptile Party...warning picture OVERLOAD!

My incredibly talented friend make the amazing cake and cupcakes. 
Since Brandt was turning 10 he wanted a snake and a turtle to make up a 10 on the cookies
strawberry snake heads
part of the candy bar
some of the snacks
This cake was so realistic and delicious!