Saturday, May 28, 2011

Houston Zoo with Mike

Mike leaves early next week for his last step of training before he deploys as an officer in the USMC. We wanted to see him one more time before he left, so Thursday we drove to Houston and went to the zoo. My sister Kathryn, her 2 daughters, my grandmother, and 2 nephews all met us there. Then my sister Kim, and soon to be sister-in-law Megan met us when they got off of work, and my brother met us as we were leaving and we all went to dinner. We had a great time, and will miss Mike while he is gone.
My boys waiting on everyone to arrive
enjoying a snack
Brayden, Mike, and Brandt checking out the sea lions
Mike and the boys checking out an exhibit in the reptile house
Brennan...the crocodile opened his mouth when Brennan put his hand up
Brayden and Mike
Brandt soaked himself with the mister fan
Mike and Bryson
Brennan and Brandt
Bryson learned to blow a bubble this week
Brandt in the prairie dog exhibit
Brennan and Bryson
Bryson and a llama
My sister, Kim and Mike

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blue Bell fun

Yesterday the boys, some friends, and their kiddos went to the Blue Bell factory in Brenham for a tour. They got to see how the ice cream is made, and the best the end they got to eat some ice cream. It was a really fun day, and doing it with friends made it even better.
Getting ready to start the tour
Brennan checking out the ice cream counter
Brayden at the counter
Brandt and my niece, Bridgett
Brennan and his buddy Logan hanging out
Brayden and Brandt and some buddies
Brennan and friends
Bryson and his best friend Mason, and his little sister Ellie
The boys checking out creamery truck
L to R: Kaylynn, Brandt, Brennan, Bryson, Brayden, and Bridgett
(my 4 boys and 2 nieces)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aggie Baseball

My mom, brother, his fiance, my 2 nephews, Dustin, the boys, and I all went to the A&M vs Nebraska baseball game today. It was a lot of fun and the Ags won 5-2.
It was military appreciation day, so the Aggie players wore camo jerseys
Brennan loved the cotton candy, and had it everywhere!
My nephew, Bryson, and Brayden
Brennan and my brother
My brother, his fiance, and Brandt
As we were leaving a college kid gave Bryson a fouled ball. He was in heaven.
Ags Win!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Way to go, Brandt!

See this sweet face? This is the face of someone who just hit a 2 run in-the-park homer. That is right, a 2 run HOME RUN!!! Last night was Brandt's 1st ever double, and then tonight he hit it to the fence, and then it was off to the races. So proud of him, and our entire team...way to go, River Cats!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mom is Special!
by Brayden (he was 4) circa 2008

I found this recently and thought it was so cute.

My mom is special because she had a baby in her tummy.

I like it when my Mom holds me!

My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by bringing her white and yellow flowers.

My mom is as pretty as a flower.

My mom is smart! She even knows how to play t-ball.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Game Ball²

This was a great week of baseball in our house. Brandt got the game ball earlier this week and tonight we had game ball². That is right not one, but 2 of the boys received the coveted game ball.

Bryson got 2 great hits, one from each side of the plate. Yep, he is a switch hitter, and pretty stinking good at it. He also made a couple of good plays in the field including beating a runner to 1st for an out. Way to go, Bry!
Bryson getting the game ball

Bryson and Daddy
Brayden played an excellent game against a power house of a team. He hit the ball really well twice, and hustled very quickly down the line making it safely the 2nd time. He also fielded a really hard ball and threw it in right away keeping the runner on 1st, which normally would have been a home run. In fact, they held that team to zero runs that inning, which I don't think has happened all year. Good job Brayden!
Brayden and Daddy
Dustin and his boys

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playdoh sculptures

Brandt's Pokemon sculptures
Brayden's army tanks and airplanes
One of his tanks. He did all the mixing of colors to get the different camos.
Bryson's sculpture
Bryson's tanks and airplanes
Brennan's snake