Friday, February 27, 2009

Aggie fan

Sometimes it is hard being an Aggie fan!

My sister sent this to me, and I got a laugh out of it. This is from Thanksgiving 2007 and we are watching the A&M vs t.u. game.

P.S. Not the best picture of me, I am pregnant with Brennan and just in that blah stage.

Cutest Cowboy!

Brayden had cowboy day today at school. His PawPaw (my dad) bought him the authentic cowboy rope for Christmas. The cowboy hat was his great grandfathers.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Brennan has had his bottom 2 teeth for a few months now. A couple of weeks ago he got 2 top teeth, just not the traditional top teeth. I think it is too cute, and finally got a picture of it on our trip to Arkansas.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Addie Louise Hill

My Granny (dad's mom) went home to be with the Lord on February 12, 2009. She was 79. This is the same grandma I just went to visit the end of December. She is no longer in pain, and I extremely grateful for that. She is a Chrisitan, so I know I will see her again, but I miss her like crazy already! There was a funeral and viewing in Hot Springs, AR where she moved almost 5 years ago, and then another in Austin where she was buried. 2 viewings, 2 funerals, and over 17 hours of driving in 4 days is not a very fun combo.

This is the card Brandt drew for Granny that was buried with her. It is 2 clouds, 2 angels, and her spirit going up to Heaven. In the middle is Granny hugging God.

We have amazing friends who stepped up and watched the older 3 while we took the baby and drove to Arkansas. My poor dad was having some bad back pain and ended up at the chiropractor a few hours before the funeral. Then he got deathly sick right before we drove home and threw up all night. As if everything he was going through wasn't enough. Thankfully, he got home without incident, and had Sunday to hopefully rest and get to feeling better.

Grandpa's 80th birthday

Last weekend my grandfather (my mom's dad) turned 80. They had a surprise birthday party for him in Buda, and it was a nice turn out. We got to see a lot of family that we rarely get to so it was nice.
Grams (Dustin's mom) with Brennan
Unlce J with Brennan (my brother Juston)
All 5 of my siblings (Krisit, me, J, Kim, Kathryn). It has been way too long since we have all been together.
My grandpa with Brennan...this picture cracks me up!
They look like they are deep in conversation
Bry & Grandpa
Brayden & Grandpa
Brandt & Grandpa

Valentine's Present

We got a family Valentine's Day present this year. Her name is Kendall and she is a 9 week old CKC registered Boxer. I would never have picked out a boxer, but after talking to our vet about a dog for our family we knew the boxer was a perfect fit. We did a lot of searching before we found the right one and on Valentine's Day we drove to Ennis, Texas to pick her up.
Kendall and Shelby have become fast friends. They are even both sleeping on Shelby's bed.
This is the night we brought her home. Bry fell a sleep on the way home, but the older 2 were so excited they had a hard time sleeping. Brayden loved how she kept climbing on his back.

She does think she is a lap dog, but considering she should be at least 50 pounds when she is full grown she will have to get over that. haha She was 8.9 pounds today at the vet's office so she has a lot more growing to do.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Comedian

Bryson is our comedian. He does and says the funniest things, and he doesn't even try to. He catches us so off guard, that we have to be careful not to laugh when he should be getting in trouble. Brandt went to a pirate birthday party this weekend and got tons of beads as his "loot". They were all in the bag in their closet. As we were getting them ready for bed last night, Bryson went in their closet and then came out this way. lol

Please pardon the mess in their room. They wanted to sleep on the floor, so they had their blankets and stuffed animals out.

Notice his arms are covered in Cars tattoos, he came home today with them. Totally fits his personality.
This is his "cheese' face

Monday, February 9, 2009

Locks of Love!

While I was in Austin I had a little extra time one evening. I looked up Locks of Love and found a hip salon that gives a discounted haircut if you donate. They package it and ship it for you, so it was super easy. It is a minimum of 10 inches, so it was a little scary saying yes. However, I love the idea of helping to make a wig for some special little kid.
After: Sorry it is cheesy, it is harder than it looks to take a photo of yourself. lol Once I came home I added highlights and lowlights to my hair as well. It is a huge difference!


This past week I was in Austin at a conference. It was a Technology conference for teachers, and it was great. I really enjoyed it, and I hope to go back next year. It was odd to sleep in a hotel king bed all by myself, and eat warm food, etc. It was a nice little break, and I got to spend time with friends and family while I was there. Dustin handled my absence like a pro, and said the kids were wonderful! Thursday night I drove out to visit my grandparents, and it has been way too long since I have seen them. I had a great time, and they treated me to the Cracker Barrel which was yummy.

My grandpa will be 80 next week! This is my mom's dad and stepmom.