Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amazing video

I have always loved Brad Paisley, but I have a new found respect for him (along with Sara Evans). The video is very moving. com/watch? v=-NaSROohLzs

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday funny!

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 28. My mom came into town last night and we all went to go eat at Cheddar's. At the table right next to us was another girl celebrating her birthday and she had an 18 balloon. My mom went and told her look what can happen in 10 years as I sit there with my hubby and 4 kiddos. The girl didn't know whether to laugh or be scared out of her mind. lol

Monday, May 12, 2008

Picture Overload!

We took the boys to Sears tonight to attempt to take family pictures. I fed Brennan right before the pictures, but he still was not impressed and trying to eat. He has eaten ALL day long today, so I am not sure if he is in a growth spurt or if he is having issues with reflux and that comforts him or what. If it doesn't get better soon, then I'll call the doctor and see what he thinks.

He was trying to eat the blanket, so she didn't get as much of his face as I would have liked.

Daddy holding him, again he was trying to eat his hand so it was hard to get him to look at the camera

After we were done Bryson sat back down and asked for a picture with the baby. He was so sweet, and we have a picture very similiar to this with Brandt when Brayden was a brand new baby.

Brayden wanted his picture with the number 4

Nothing like waiting until Bry is 2 1/2 to take his 2 year pictures. haha

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crazy Cousin!

My father-in-law helps people buy cars for a living. He can normally find really good deals on cars, way better than people can buy for themselves since he has been doing it forever and has a great relationship built with a ton of dealerships. Dustin has a wonderful, crazy cousin named Marc. He lives in Ohio, and my kids are totally in love with him, and I think he likes my kids a lot too. He called my father-in-law who was able to get him a really good deal on a car, so he and Dustin's aunt flew in from Ohio and picked up the car and are driving it back. On their way home they stopped by our house to spend a little time and meet Brennan. My boys had the best time, only complaint is it wasn't nearly long enough!

Awanas, Country Fair, and Pet Parade

We have had another busy week. Brandt and Brayden were both in Awana Cubbies this year. They have learned so much about Jesus and His love for them. They have each done well with learning new Bible verses, but Brandt especially takes them to heart and can recall them well after the week he learned them. We are very proud of both boys. I taught Brayden's class, and Dustin did game time. Dustin was asked if he would dress up like Cubbie Bear for the awards ceremony on Sunday night. The boys loved it once they realized it was their daddy. It is hard to believe that when Awanas start back up in the fall, Brandt will be in Sparks!

Bryson was a little more apprehensive at first. lol Dustin walked up to Bry and he tried to climb up his teacher. haha He settled down and came and gave Cubbie high 5 and then when he realized it was Daddy he was willing to hug him.

After the Awards ceremony our church had a country fair. My older sister came to stay with us this week, so my younger sister brought her to our house, and they did the country fair with us. They enjoyed eating all the good food.

They also enjoyed all the yummy desserts, like cotton candy, ice cream, and cookies!

Then they had a ball playing games. Bryson especially liked this game, but he didn't want to play it, just play in the water. haha

Next they rode horses, and the older boys really wanted to ride together.

I love Bry's cheesy smile!

Then later in the week Brandt's school had a pet parade. It was limited to the first 25 pets, and I am glad I signed Brandt up quickly for it. Brandt told me he wanted to take Marley with him, since he had to choose 1 animal to take. It didn't dawn on me that Marley not only didn't have a leash, but we hadn't even gotten her a collar yet. So that morning we put our other dog's chocker collar and leash on her, and she straightened her legs and refused to walk. Thankfully, she is little and Brandt carried her the whole way. lol He loved all the kids oohing and awing over her and getting to let everyone pet her. I wasn't brave enough to take a picture during the actual parade, but here he is right before he went back to class.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

FREE Sign-up to be a Marrow Donor....

The National Marrow Donor Program's "Thanks Mom" Donation Drive is going on from now until May 19 and it is FREE to sign up to be a marrow donor at Usually it costs $52 to sign up. A great bargain and you can save someone's life too!

I did this last year, and it is super easy. They mail you a kit in the mail, and you swab the inside of your mouth and send it back. Then they mail you a letter telling you that you have been added to the list. I just pray someday I will get a call that I have been matched with someone. It truly was FREE, but knowing I could help save someone's life is priceless to me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bubbles of fun!

My mother-in-law bought this bubble fan, and the boys had so much fun with it this afternoon.

They did really well on sharing it, and besides one mini meltdown by Bryson they did perfect.