Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st field trip of the year

We had our 1st field trip of the year today. Both Kindergarten classes went to the Waco Zoo (about 1 1/2 hours away). I got a sub for my class and went with Brandt. We had a great time, and for being the beginning of September in Texas it wasn't too hot until right as we were leaving. For being in a small town, it is a really nice zoo. In fact, I prefer it hands down to the Houston zoo.
Notice the elephant in the background

In a huge snake's mouth


brickmomma said...

We LOVE this zoo, too!!

Great pictures!

Becky said...

You got some great pics! Giraffes are my favorite animal of all of God's I think, they fascinate me!
Great zoo, we agree!

Alison said...

How fun Kelly!! We went to the Knoxville Zoo this past spring with Catherine's Kindergarten class. Kindergarten has THE BEST field trips. I miss that! Glad you got to go and have fun.