Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I got this in an email, and I just thought I would pass it on. They are predicting that Ike could still be a level 2 hurricane when it comes through here on Saturday. Thankfully, we are well stocked right now and I just finished washing all of our laundry this morning.

Hurricane Ike Predicted to Hit Texas Shoreline

In lieu of Hurricane Ike approaching the Texas coastline, residents should prepare for the possibility of limited resources in our area and potential high winds and heavy rains. Up to 2,500 evacuees could be in Brazos County as well.
Citizens can take steps to prepare for emergency situations, which includes the possibility of damaging storms. The American Red Cross provides preparedness information at their website (, and the following are a few preparedness tips:
Preparing Your House
-The most important precaution you can take to reduce wind damage to your home and property is to protect the areas where wind can enter. It’s important to check your windows, shutters, doors, garage doors and gutters.
-Residents should also secure or move items that could blow away in heavy winds. Items such as patio furniture, garbage cans, lawn decorations, potted plants, grills and any other moveable items should be secured or moved indoors.
Preparing Your Family
-Store a 3-day supply of a least 1 gallon daily of drinking water per person.
-Store at least enough food for 3 to 7 days. These should be non-perishable items, in case electricity isn’t available.
-Make sure you have working flashlights and back-up batteries.
-Bring your outside pets indoors.
-Fill all your vehicles with fuel – because supplies could be low after the storm.
-Charge your cell phone batteries.

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Amanda said...

Thinking of you as I watch the weather channel tonight. Stay safe!!! HUGS!