Sunday, September 28, 2008


Have you ever sat and looked at pictures of your great-great-great grandparents? Or smiled at a picture of your cherised great grandmother at 8 months old sitting in a patch of wildflowers? Or read a side of your family history traced back to 1790? I was blessed with each of these this weekend. One of my cousins is traveling over the U.S. and interviewing different family members and scanning all the old family pictures. Several of them got together this weekend about an hour away to scan some more pictures, and I went. I loved looking at all of them, and watching my grandmother and her sisters' expressions as they saw pictures of their loved ones from their youths long gone. Before my great grandmother died she had gone through the pictures with my aunt and written down who each person was. How thankful I am to her that she had the insight to do that, because otherwise all that knowledge would have been gone with her. It brought back tons of wonderful memories of me as an older child sitting with her on her bed and going through pictures. Of course, as a 13 year old I got tired of looking at all these really old pictures after a while. How I would love to sit on that bed with her again and hear her sweet voice as she tells me stories of each person. I wish I had taped those conversations back then, or sat and treasured them a little more. I am thankful for our special time together when we would sit and talk, just the 2 of us and for this weekend that brought all those memories back to me.

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