Monday, August 11, 2008

1st day of daycare

I have never left a baby in daycare before. Before last year I have been a stay at home mom since we moved to BCS when Brandt was 3 1/2 months old, and before that I only worked 8-12. Now, I have worked at church in the nursery, Mother's Day Out, and Preschool programs and I was in a different room than my kids, but they were still there with me. Last year I ventured back into the working world, but my youngest was 2 when I started. This year my baby is only 3 1/2 months old. I started back to in-service last week, but my mom came to town and stayed with us for the week, so she had him. I wasn't worried about him, plus I live 3 minutes away so I went home at lunch, etc. Today I had to take him to daycare for the 1st time. We are so lucky and found an awesome christian mom who is going to watch our youngest 2 and her son in her house. I love her, and I am so happy God worked all of that out. I 100% trust her, and know she will take very good care of my baby. She lives right by Dustin's work so he will take the boys most mornings, and bring them home in the evenings. She lives far enough away that I won't be able to go over lunch, so I won't see him from when they leave at 7 until they get home around 5. Fridays are my short days, so I will get them on Fridays and will get to pick them up around 2. I did a pretty good job when I dropped him off, I just wish he wouldn't have started crying (of course he was just hungry and she was making him a bottle so I know he was fine). I am doing pretty good so far, although it is only 8:45. haha I am just so thankful to God for giving me the summer with my sweet babies, and allowing the older 2 to go to school with me, and providing a God loving, safe house for my younger 2.

UPDATE: I am just now starting to get antsy to go get him and it is almost 3 pm. I think I did very well for my 1st day. lol Thankfully, I am done in just over 30 minutes and will be on my way to get him.


brickmomma said...

Wow, I bwt that was hard. I was working from 830 -4 today and saw them at lunch and it was just about right ;)

Emily said...

I am sure that is hard. What a blessing that you found someone that you are so comfortable with. Maybe once school starts tomorrow you'll be so busy teaching the days will fly by!