Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on my Granny

Thank you all so much for your prayers. I still have not gone to Arkansas, as I am waiting on some of her strength to return before I go. She has been really struggling since May, but since leaving the hospital they finally are getting her on medicine that is helping. As a result, she is improving daily. Her weight is now up from 87 pounds to 100, not too shabby. They have her on an appetite increaser, and they will take her off of that when she hits 125 (the way she is going that could be in another few weeks). She still is mostly in bed all the time, with a quick trip to the kitchen for a meal, and then back to bed. She has refused hospice for the time being, and her doctor ok'd that. He said when it becomes too much, they can start it then. They are able to control the pain much better, and she is regaining a quality of life that has been missing all summer, and even before. The truth is that it is still pancreatic cancer, it is still terminal, but I praise God that it appears it won't be immediate and that she is finally in some relief. Please keep the prayers coming.


brickmomma said...

Thanks for the update! My granny is doing better to. She is in the rehab hosp here in town and I even took DD to see her today at lunch. really seemed to brighten her spirits. She is really weak and tired, but her mind is much clearer. Now she just has to work hard at therapy to get out!!

Quiltermama said...

Glad to hear the Grannys are doing better!!! :-)

Becky said...

Praying for her and all of you as we know what everyone is going through!!