Friday, August 29, 2008

Doctor appointments and shots x2

Even with 4 kids today was the first time we have ever had 2 doctor appointments fall at the same time. Brandt had his 6 year old appointment and Brennan had his 4 month appointment. Thankfully, it was at the end of the day and Dustin was able to get off a little early and meet us there. At Brandt's 4 year appointment he was told he wouldn't need shots again until he was a teenager. When we went to his 5 year old appointment he was so scared of shots I assured him wouldn't have to have any. However, when we got there they said they were starting to give a 2nd chicken pox shot, but since I had promised no shots it could wait until he was 6. Brandt has a very sharp memory and for the last 2 months has been so concerned about his 1 shot he has to get. (For the record, the last time they did a finger poke to get blood we had to hold him down screaming, and he didn't even know they had done it and was still carrying He just gets so worried about it and will just stress over it. So I was concerned about today, but we talked to him about being brave, that he didn't want to scare any of the little kids at the doctor's office, and bribed him with going to Maggie Moo's if he did good. He told me he was going to be brave, and boy was he ever. He climbed on the table and asked the nurse (along with every other adult that worked at UPA) if he could please get his shot in his arm instead of his leg. She said yes, and he was excited. lol He grabbed Dustin's hand and turned his head and looked the other way and she was done before he even realized she started. Not a tear, not a wimper, nothing. What a big boy! We were so proud of him. He was 43 inches tall (15th% up from the 10th% at 5 years) and 41.3 pounds (25th%), so staying on his growth chart pretty well, and even making up a little ground on his height.

Brennan had to get 5 shots and 1 oral. I don't understand why they do so much on such little guys. Poor thing! He was fast a sleep when she came in to give him his shots. She said she can't wake babies up that way so she picked him up and woke him up. The boys didn't want to see Brennan get shots so Dustin took them all out to get their sticker and sucker. The oral vaccine is evidently real sweet and he slurped it down. He, however, was much less impressed with the 5 shots. I have been giving him tylenol every 4 hours, and he has been doing great...smiling and cooing like normal. He was 25 inches (up from 23 inches at 2 months) and 14 pounds (up from 11.6 at 2 months). That puts him at just over the 50th% for both, up from the 25th% at 2 months. Brennan has to go back in another 2 months for another huge round of shots, but then it should start tapering off she said.


Karlise said...

Sounds like Brandt did an excellent job.

I hate that they give our babies so many shots at once. We don't get an oral vax. I guess our Dr doesn't give that kind. Brennan is bigger than Bella!! LOL She was only 12lbs 11oz at 4mo. Hopefully she's gained a pound or so in the last month though. ;)

brickmomma said...

Love the blog background!!

HGB is also SO scared of shots. SHe waits outside while the others get theirs. DD was excited this last time bc he got to pee in a cup. What a nut!