Monday, August 4, 2008

Please pray for my Granny

My Granny lives in Arkansas. She is my dad's mom. She has had her share of health problems, thyroid cancer before I was born, and then since Brandt was born breast cancer and lung cancer. She has always been pretty frail, and seemed so much older than her real age. She was 79 in May. She normally weighs around 125 and to me seems so thin. For the past several months, she has been in severe pain with severe nasuea. When my parents saw her in May she was down to 94 pounds. They couldn't figure out what the problem was and put her through tons of tests, still nothing. This past week she was finally admitted to the hospital, and only weighed 87 pounds (she is 5'6"). They asked her on a pain scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most excruciating pain, where was she. She said 13. That completely breaks my heart. They finally discovered the cause today, she has pancreatic cancer, hiding behind her liver. They sent her home from the hospital, and have set her up on hospice. I have a million thoughts running through my head: do I go see her, do I take the kids, do I stay here? What do I do? I am suppose to start school again tomorrow and the boys go next Wednesday. Do I get a sub, what? Very long time family friends wanted to go see her this month, and she asked them not to come. She said she just wasn't up to it. So selfishly I want to go, but I want to do the best thing for her. Plus I don't know how well I'll handle seeing my Granny weighing only 87 pounds. Please pray for Granny, that she would not be in anymore pain. Please pray for my dad and his sister, Helen, whom my Granny lives with. They lost their dad in the late 80's, and Helen has also lost her husband to cancer in 2002. When granny is gone, it will be the 1st time since March 2002 that Aunt Helen hasn't had someone needing her to take care of them. Please just pray for our entire family, as we say goodbye to our Granny.


brickmomma said...

Oh my. I know how heartbreaking this can be. I will be praying that you clearly can tell what the best thing is to do.

We love you guys!!

Quiltermama said...

I'll be praying for ya'll!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Granny. I say go see her. You will regret that you didn't. Cancer sucks. If just you can go without the kids...that would probably be the best thing. Then you can have some quiet time with her.


Alison said...

casscat1426Kelly sweetie....I am and will be praying. I know that must be SO hard. I lost all of my grandparents at an early age. My dads mom(my mamaw) was the last grandparent to pass away and she died when Cassidy was about 6 years old. If you can I would go see her w/o kids if possible. Like Stephanie won't regret it if you do. Anyway, your granny is in my prayers. (((Hugs)))Alison

Becky said...

I am sorry to hear this! Losing grandparents is difficult as they are so special!
Steve's grandmother is very bad now too so, we know where you are!