Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brenham Fun

A few weeks ago we decided to have one last family fun weekend of the summer. We started out by going to the Blue Bell factory tour in Brenham. The kids enjoyed it, but their highlight was the free ice cream at the end for sure. After that, we headed over to the Blue Bell pool. The baby slept through the entire swim time, which was great. They have huge umbrellas with lots of shade, so that kept him from getting too hot. The pool is neat, because they have a slide shaped like a banana split, and they have popsicles to walk across. Afterwards we drove back to BCS and took the kids to see Wall-E. We were able to use the free tickets we won at church and one I won online, so it turned out really cheap. It was a cute movie, and the boys all really liked it (even Brennan watched most of it). The kids have been walking around since then saying "Eee-va" and "Wallllll-eeeee" (you know what I mean if you have seen it).

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Alison said...

That looked like a fun trip!! We have the Mayfield Dairy Farm near our house and they are a huge producer of ice cream,milk and other dairy products. It is SO cool! The best ice cream flavor is "Moose Tracks"yummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Great Pics! We saw Walle and LOVED it.