Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun day at the park

October 6th-10th our school had a Fall Break (like Spring Break). We had no set plans and it was so nice not to wake up to an alarm. One day we met our awesome babysitter and her son at the park. God truly blessed us with her and I literally could not think of anyone better to watch our boys than her. She loves the Lord, and she loves my boys and they love her. She is delivering her 2nd child tomorrow by repeat c-section if you could keep her in your prayers.
Brennan's 1st time in the swing at the park. He actually seemed to enjoy it.
Brandt has learned how to swing himself now, and was very excited to show off his new skill.
Brayden was really good about swinging Bryson.
Bryson decided he wanted down, and this picture cracks me up. He looks so sad. lol

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Alison said...

O.K~They are so stinkin beautiful Kelly!!! Can I bring them up to Tennessee and convert them to little VOL fans?LOL...They are growing like weeds.
~Luv ya~Hope you had a great fall break hun.