Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sweet Surprise

Dustin has now been gone 9 out of the 12 days. Today during my last class before lunchtime another teacher brought in a huge package to my room. I couldn't imagine what is was. When she brought it closer I realized it was an Edible Arrangement. Dustin had written a very sweet card and double checked yesterday to see when my lunch break was, because he needed to know when to deliver it since it needs to stay refrigerated. Here I thought he was wanting to know when he could call me. lol It is my 1st ever Edible Arrangement, and was completely not expected. It was so thoughtful, and really brightened my day.

Cute Story: I only have the older 2 kids right now as the younger 2 are at my parents' house. We needed to run errands after school, but I had to stop by the house for a second. I went in and grabbed a few skewers for the boys. Their eyes lit up, we are a huge fruit eating family. I told them Daddy was missing us and sent it to us. Brayden said "hmmm, that was DELICIOUS! Let's call Daddy and tell him to send us more". I thought that was so cute.


Emily said...

How fun! What a sweet surprise. That Brayden is so funny, we really enjoyed having him come play. We will have to do it again soon.

brickmomma said...

Sweet!!! I am glad you have done so well solo! Not sure I would have survived!!

Karlise said...

What a great surprise!