Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update on Baby Bridgett...

They think that the thickening of the heart wall in non-cancerous tumors, and that she has Tuberous Sclerosis ( My sister (her mom) has this and it caused her to have seizures when she was younger because her tumors were in the brain. They ran a bunch of test on her, and this is how they discovered it. You usually outgrow the symptoms, and by the age of 8 her seizures stopped and she has not taken anti-seizure medicine since. The doctor said a lot of people have it and do not know it because they do not have any symptoms. Since it is genetic, they ventured to guess that all 5 of us (all my siblings) are at least carriers of it and that around 1/2 of my parents grandchildren have it or will get it. I have not noticed any symptoms in any of my kids. I am going to venture that they do not have it or it is at least very mild. They said currently it isn't causing a problem for Bridgett, but if it continues to grow she might have to deliver at a different hospital then she wants to have a pediatric cardiologist on site.

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