Sunday, October 26, 2008

More festival fun

So after all the fun last night we ventured out to our church's fall festival tonight. Brandt didn't want to dress up the same as last night so we got out our old costumes and dress up clothes and the boys each picked what they wanted to be. Since it was over 80 degrees I was glad they didn't want to put on their fleece bee costumes today.
Brennan went as an Aggie fan. Real cheesy, but it was too hot for a regular costume and the boys insisted he dress up too.
Our very own Dash!
Buzz Lightyear
A wonderful vet! Notice the animals, he carried them around all night treating them.
Brennan has figured out how to play Peek-a-boo! He will pull the shade visor down on his carrier and just laugh.
Waiting patiently in line
Brayden playing Putt Putt
Bryson throwing bean bags. He actually threw all 3 through the holes and left handed nonetheless!
Brandt pumpkin bowling
The boys riding in the caboose of the train

I think everyone was worn out by this point and ready to go home. We have all been up since before 6:30 this morning since we picked up my parents at the airport in Houston early this morning. Not to mention they had a hard time going to sleep last night after all the excitement (and sugar) so they were up way past their normal bedtime.

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