Monday, October 20, 2008

How cute is he?

Brennan will be 6 months old on Wednesday. It is amazing how quickly time is flying. He has the absolute best personality, and I am totally in love with him. Poor baby has his 1st ear infection and has a serious diaper rash from the antibiotics, but he is still sweet as can be.

I love his eyes in the picture!


Alison said...

He is getting SO big! I sure wish I could get my hands on him!!!(*sniff,sniff)Where did 6 mos go?You and Karlise have 6 month olds..agh! I cant believe time has flown that quick. He sounds like he has the best disposition Kell...How is school going?Did you all have a good fall break? The girls are out this week!

Amanda said...

He is SOOOOOO beautiful Kelly! I want to smooch his little face. He looks like a total sweetie.

Becky said...

He's so beautiful!!! Amazing!!!