Saturday, November 14, 2009

18 months...boy does time fly!

My sweet baby turned 18 months while we were gone on our trip, and I am just now having time to post about it. He has really grown up in the last few weeks. He can now climb up a play scape and slide down all by himself. He can teeter totter by himself without falling off. He can feed himself with a spoon and fork. He can climb up into a chair or his brothers' beds. He can make 2 and 3 word sentences. He is a great repeater, he can mimic almost any sound he hears. He loves telling people to stop. He is extremely ticklish. He has an obsession with throwing things away. He is a wonderful snuggler. He still loves to suck his thumb, none of my other babes were thumb suckers. He is very opinionated.
Here are all the boys stats at 18 months:

Brennan: 23.6 pounds (20th%) 31.5 inches tall (20th%) 46.5 cm head circum. (50th%)

Bryson: 27.2 pounds (75th%) 33 inches tall (75th%) 48.3 cm head circum. (75th%)

Brayden: 24.2 pounds (25th%-50th%) 32 iches tall (50th%) 49.3 cm head circum. (90th%)

Brandt: 23.2 pounds ( 20th%) 32 inches (25th%) 47.5 cm head circum. (50th%)

It is amazing to me that Brennan is smaller than Brandt was all the way around. Brandt seemed like such a peanut to me, and Brennan doesn't really. Funny how that works.

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