Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Pictures

In a Galaxy far, far away

there were 4 little boys

from heroes to villains

from Jedi Masters to masters of the dark side

preparing for battle to trick-or-treat......
Darth Vader AKA Brandt

Obi Wan Konobi AKA Brayden
Storm Trooper AKA Bryson

Yoda AKA Brennan
This is the only group shot I got, with me in it and all. At the start of the night Brennan wasn't digging his costume, and by the time he would leave it alone the other boys were busy trick or treating and didn't want to be bothered with stopping for a group photo. Brennan was so cute and would walk up to each door and knock, even though his brothers had already knocked. He thought he was just as big as they were. At the start of the evening he wouldn't leave his ears on, but we told him they wouldn't give him candy unless he wore his ears, and even at 18 months old he understood and left them on the rest of the night. My husband had the brilliant idea of the boys using our Wii light sabers that actually light up. They were perfect, and the cars could see the boys from way off...even if they decide not to do Star Wars next year I think we will use the light sabers again.

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Kierstyn said...

Super cute! So glad to see I'm not the only mommy out there who loves themed costumes. I'm thinking Dorthy and her gang next year. :-)