Monday, November 30, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

This week I did not go Black Friday shopping. Who chooses to shop over sleep? Certainly not me! So when we got done watching the Texas A&M vs t.u. game at my parents' house over an hour from home I would never look at my husband and ask if he wanted to go to Toys R Us since they opened their doors at midnight. Even if I had asked my husband would never have agreed to it. It isn't like he enjoys Black Friday shopping as much as I do. After pulling into the parking lot at midnight we wouldn't have seen several HUNDRED people in line and decide no deal was worth that line. I mean we had just driven an hour to get there. In order to not waste our drive back into town, I would never have waited outside Old Navy for 2 hours just to get Brayden a warm jacket on sale and a Free Wii Lego Rock Band game. I absolutely despise standing in line for long periods of time, and especially in the cold. So 2 hours in the cold for a free $50 game....nope I would never do that. By the time everything was said and done we certainly weren't crawling into bed for the 1st time at 8 am after hitting 8 stores. I honestly don't remember ever staying up that late...and just to get some deals, well that certainly doesn't define me at all.

I would never leave the kids bathtub toys on the edge of the bathtub instead of putting them away. I am always very careful to put everything back where they go. So I can not explain what happened to the bathtub paint when my husband sat down on the edge of the tub to help Bryson brush his teeth.
Last year Target had these shirts 90% off and they say "My brother is the naughty one". I would never have bought all 4 boys the same shirt and made them wear it on the same day. I do not like when my kids dress a like at all. I mean they are all individuals and should be allowed to choose their own style and show off their own personality. I certainly would not have found this shirt humorous ALL day long...surely it would get old after a bit. Nope, not me!Last night while brushing teeth my 4 year old would not have declared he needed privacy and then proceeded to sit behind a shower curtain. I always give my children their privacy and we all know that brushing your teeth is a very private matter.Would you like to share what you have not been up to lately? If so, join the Not Me! Monday fun! Simply write your own post on your blog, link back within your post to MckMama's blog, and sign up with MckLinky.


Pam, mom, honey, said...

too cute, i love the shirt idea. i would never forget to leave the shampoo in the shower because i know everytime i do and i mean it has happened a hundred times they have emptied it out.

inadvertent farmer said...

ROFL...I adore that picture of the boys pointing to each other!

Yes black friday is for crazy people...not that I would know! Kim

Summer said...

Sooo funny! I would never forget to put the bath paints up and then have them smeared all over my tile floor and bath tub.... no NOT ME! Ha! Ha!

I love the shirts very clever.... I would sooo not laugh at that all day either.... no NOT ME!

Anita Grace said...

haha, great post! I myself have two boys (12months apart) so I can definitely relate to having a bit of a zoo at home :)

Thanks for sharing!

Travis, Becky, Zachary, Justin, Madelyn and Isabelle said...

I bought our oldest three similar shirts a couple of years ago (our youngest was just a baby) and they posed in them for me as well.

Kristina Petrella said...

I never thought I was the mom that would dress her kids alike. That was until my second daughter was born. now I am all about trying to get them the same outfits. I figure they will have 70 some odd years to dress themselves so right now it is my turn. Also, I had to wear some mighty ugly maternity clothes when I was pregnant, so this is payback, cute clothes that match!

Niki said...

Hi I have 4 bautiful boys too. Raising them sunny Australia.
I love your blog.

Kierstyn said...

LOL!! Poor Dustin. I can only imagine what Curtis would have done if I hadn't put away pointy bath toys. ;-)

and I love the shirts!!! That picture is totally priceless!