Monday, November 16, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I would never banish play-doh in my house for almost 2 years for the sole reason being I just can not stand the stuff. It gets everywhere. In the grout. In the seams of the table. On the rugs. Plain everywhere! So my kids certainly didn't think they were dreaming when I actually allowed the older 3 to play with it while the baby slept. Nor did I scare them that if they didn't clean up their own mess it might be banished from the house again. So that surely wasn't my 7 year old that swept the floor on his own accord when they got finished to make sure it all got cleaned up.

This week I certainly wouldn't have cracked up when my 4 year old told me in a very serious voice "darling I want to marry you". When I explained he couldn't, because I was already married to his daddy he asked "well why would he want to marry you"? My 5 year old then piped up in a very drawn out duh voice "because he fell in love with her". I mean I would never laugh at my children's expense, funny or not, and certainly not right in front of them.

I have been very blessed and a few of my high school senior students have volunteered to babysit my kiddos for service hours instead of money. So when they watched the boys for the 1st time this week so we could go to a one hour long meeting, we did not STRONGLY consider staying out later than that just for a few minutes of peace and quiet. We would never exploit their generosity like that. Nope, not us!

I also would not have put up 10 loads of laundry in one afternoon. I mean who has stacks and stacks of laundry all over? Doesn't everyone immediately put up the laundry once it come out of the dryer? I would never be that lazy to let that slide. Nor would I have been hinting to Dustin everyday since then for a verbal "pat on the back" for putting up that days laundry. I mean isn't that what I am suppose to be doing anyway? Who cares that there are 6 people in our family, with 2 kiddos in private school who sometimes wear school uniform clothes and play clothes on the same day and both parents work full time. There is really no excuse.

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