Monday, November 23, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

This morning when I got to work, it wasn't 55 degrees INSIDE my classroom. True I am in a portable, but considering it was warmer than that outside there is no way it could be that poorly insulated. When I turned the heater on for the 1st time in over a year it certainly wouldn't have set off the smoke detector. I mean I didn't actually see any smoke. I wouldn't have been dancing all over and flailing my arms trying to get the smoke detector to turn off. I would never act so silly. Nope, not me!

Yesterday when we were in a time crunch I wouldn't have decided it was the perfect time to take my son's 18 month pictures just because his shirt was still clean and we were near the mall. Who decides to take picture that way? Surely not me. I mean he turned 19 months old yesterday so it is wasn't like I was in that big of a hurry anyway. It then didn't end up lasting almost 2 hours, because mine was going to be a quick appointment remember I was in a hurry after all. And Brennan would have been a perfect angel and sat and smiled the whole time. I mean isn't that what every 18 19 month old little boy does?

So that was not him that was so fascinated with a ball that he asked over and over and over and over for it until the photographer finally relented and gave it to him.

Nor would he thought he could do a better job setting up props and decide to rearrange himself...
or decide he was too tired to even sit up anymore. It wasn't like this well experienced momma of 4 would make a photo appointment DURING nap time. No way, I know way better than to do that.
His favorite game currently is not peek-a-boo so he would never decide to make a promptu game from behind the column he was suppose to be posing with.
And the final result didn't turn out cute at all...well maybe a little.
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Carrie said...

Laughing hysterically! Hmmm...reminds me a little bit of a recent photo-taking experience that we had as well!! :)

Jenilee said...

He is adorable. I did that once with my older two girls, before the baby was born. Sears photo wasn't busy and I had just bought them new outfits at children's place so I did an impromptu photo sessions. they did great and we got some precious pictures of them. you got some precious pictures too!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Awww, those pictures are so cute! They definitely show a little boy with a lot of energy and spunk!

I'm LOL at your school/heater story. WOW. I also have a portable heater at my work (I keep it under my desk), and now you've got me worried!