Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Game Ball

Dustin gives out a game ball after every game to the MVP of that game. The game ball has become the highlight of the game with each kid eagerly waiting to see if they have earned the coveted prize. Brayden got the game ball on April 23rd. He got 2 great hits off of the pitcher, fielded several balls, and got an out at 1st base by beating the runner to the base.
Brayden showing off his game ball
Brayden and Daddy
Bryson, Mason (Bryson's best friend), and Brayden

Last night Bryson got his game ball. He has been very concerned he wasn't going to get one. Truthfully there have been at least 3 other games where Bryson earned a game ball, but one of the drawbacks of being a coach's kid is if it was close we have given the game ball to the other player. Not to mention we thought Bryson needed some motivation to keep trying his best, he sometimes wanted to quit in practice if he had already gotten his chance to bat. He got a great out at 2nd base by fielding the ball and beating the runner to the base. He also is getting pretty good at switch hitting. He hit a ball into right field off the tee his 1st time up batting right-handed. Then when he came up to bat again he hit the ball off of the pitcher to center field batting left-handed.
Brotherly love: Brayden mobbed Bryson in his excitment!
Brayden finally gets to hug and congratulate him.
Daddy and Bryson
He was so proud of his game ball, and even slept with it last night.

Brennan didn't want to be left out of the pictures. Please ignore his horribly messy shirt, he poured my soda all over himself as soon as we got to the game.

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Carrie said...

Yay Bryson!! I'm glad he got it last night so that we could be there to see it!