Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Event

Texas A&M University holds an event every year in which students volunteer on a Saturday to help around the community, their way of saying thank you for putting up with us. lol This year was held on March 28th, and we had 9 college students come over. They got way more work done than we thought possible. They took out all the rocks and leaves in the front pathway. Then they took out a bunch of bricks in the back and dug down and created a play area for the kids climber. Then they got everything leveled out. After they left we laid flagstone stepping stones and a pallet of grass. Then in the back we added more dirt and built the climber that Santa brought the boys back in 2007.
Daddy working hard on the front yard Brayden helping PawPaw (my dad)
Brandt helping Daddy

Bryson working hard, look at that concentration!

Brayden carried his horse around like this all day. It was so funny.

Brandt enjoying it being finished, notice the dirt between his eyes. lol

Our cowboy

Bryson dumping mulch

Not a good quality picture, but the boys enjoying it finished, with playground mulch and everything!

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Carrie said...

Oh rats! We totally forgot to check out the climber when we were there the other day. Looks like fun!!!