Tuesday, April 21, 2009

George Bush Library Easter Egg Hunt

Better late than never, right?!? One thing I love about being in the Brazos Valley is the George Bush Library and their events. This year they had their Easter egg hunt on the same day that t-ball had their opening day. So that morning Dustin took the older 2 to pictures and I took the younger 2 to the Bush library. Dustin's parents went with me, and then my mom met us there. It was so weird to have 4 adults and only 2 children, much less one that was strapped into a stroller. I think Bryson really enjoyed all the attention.
Brennan kicked back and chillin'
Bryson trying to step as hard as he could to throw the frog out
Bryson hunting eggs...notice no basket, but a red bag. Bad mommy was so worried about getting daddy and the older 2 boys out the door and ready I didn't even think about a basket. Thankfully, I had a red bag in the car.
Brennan playing with eggs
Bry loved the fire department's robot Freddy

Bry's favorite color is blue, so he asked for a blue football.
He has a blue football on one side and a red A&M on the other
Brennan won one of the door prizes. It was a bunch of random little toys. One was this frisbee. Bryson was playing with my mom, and was a natural.

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