Monday, April 20, 2009

Brayden's Birthday Party...warning picture overload!

Brayden really wanted a swimming birthday party this year. One pool in town, which we had never been to before, is already open. They keep the pool heated during the winter, so the water isn't too cold. It poured Friday and Saturday with over 4 inches of rain (Friday was a record rainfall). I was a little nervous about his party on Sunday, but thankfully the rain stayed gone. It was however, super windy and a little cool. As long as the kids were in the pool they were great, but as soon as they got out their lips started chattering and turning blue. It was a lot of fun! Brayden and Daddy


Bryson and Daddy
Brandt, my little water monkey
Brayden swam all over the pool with these 2 noodles under his arms. They give the little added reassurance that he needs.
Brennan checking out the pool
I did bring Brennan's suit, but it was a little too cool for him to get in. He'll get his turn later in the summer.
Bryson loved playing on the stairs, it is about the only area he can reach (it is a pretty deep pool)
Brayden and his best friend, Davis
My friend made this cake for Brayden. It was strawberry, and really good. It was too windy we couldn't get the candle to light, but he still enjoyed getting sung to.
What happens to Bry after a fun day of partying!
Meet Snow White the uncle showed up with him for Brayden's birthday present. I know NOTHING about rabbits. The boys were excited, Dustin and I not so much. lol No, we did not know anything about the rabbit until he walked through the door.

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Jennifer said...

We had a rabbit. My nose still burns. LOL They smell. Just change the litter frequently and spray febreeze or lysol. Oh, and wear old clothes. Ours chewed holes in the kids clothes when they held it.