Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last Saturday, right before the circus we took pictures of the boys in the Bluebonnets.

Bryson was laughing so hard
Bryson would not open his eyes, he said it was too bright.
Brayden wouldn't open his eyes either
This was the best picture we got of all 4 of them. It was overcast and not sunny at all, but the older 3 squinted or wouldn't open their eyes the entire time. They said it was too bright for them. Next year we might try sunglasses. lol

Here are a few bloopers...most of our pictures turned out like these.


Redden Family said...

oh, my boys look way to cute! I need to get some pics with Bridgett in the bluebonnets.

- j u s t - a - g i r l - said...

so cute!

Carrie said...

Those are great! My favorite is the very last one where Brayden's hand is over his face--hilarious!!