Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game Balls

Brayden and Brandt are both on the same t-ball team this year. We are the Red Owlz. Dustin is their head coach, and it has been a lot of fun so far. Each game the one player who had the best game gets the game ball. Well tonight the boys played so wonderful it was really really hard to choose just one, so they ended up giving out 2. Brayden was one of them! He had an awesome game. Brayden fielded the ball as pitcher and threw it to 1st base
He fielded the ball as pitcher and ran home and tagged the girl out. He only needed to step on the base, but that isn't nearly as fun as tagging her. lol
Out of the 6 or 7 balls hit to him only one got by him. Some of them were hit pretty hard, but he got in front of them.
In t-ball they pitch 2 balls and if you don't him either then they bring out the tee. Brayden got his 1st hit off a coach pitched ball tonight. He was so funny, because when he hit it he just stood there and had no idea what to do. You could tell he was not expecting to hit it. lol (Notice the pink ball: we were playing a girls team and each team fields their own balls, so we hit their pink balls).
Daddy & Brayden

Brandt got a gameball on April 7th, Brayden's birthday

Brandt hit the ball off the tee really far. Notice he is standing on 1st base and the other team is just getting to the ball. The 2nd time he batted he got a hit off a coach pitch too. I tried to get a picture, but the ball is already out of the frame so you can't really tell.
Brandt fielded the ball as short stop and ran to 2nd base, as you can tell he was super close to getting an out
Brandt & Daddy

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Carrie said...

Way to go guys!! It looks like they were having lots of fun!