Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feels good

I love saving money, and using coupons. When you get an awesome deal it gives you a natural high and I walk around in a good mood the rest of the day. It is also a way to be frugal with my money and stretch it as far as possible. Lately trying to work full-time, cut coupons, take 4 kids to the store, etc got to be too much and I got burnt out. I haven't gone to do any "deals" in a while. This weekend I did only a small tidbit of what I use to do, but it felt really good.

My mom gave me a Gymbuck at Christmas time. Basically, it is good for $25 off a $50 or more purchase at Gymboree. So I went this weekend to redeem it. You see we pass clothes down through all 4 boys, but as wild fun as Bryson is not much survives him to make it to Brennan. So we have been having to buy Brennan almost a whole new wardrobe. I only bought things off of the clearance rack, which is the best way to shop there as they can be pretty pricey. My original total after tax was $213.25, but I got all 11 pieces for $30.16 after tax (including 3 sets of pajamas).

Next I hit Walgreens. I spent a total of $1.85 after tax and left with $3 Register Rewards, basically free cash to spend on your next purchase. My original total was $17.81 for a savings of $15.96 PLUS I earned a $3 Register Rewards.

My final stop was Kroger. This store can be expensive, but if you hit their sales right plus use coupons (they double coupons up to $.50 and triple up to $.39) you can get a great deal. Plus for every $100 you spend (before coupons) you get a $.10 off of gas. My original total was $78.13, but I only paid $18.72. I saved $59.41 or 75%. Name brand items like Gatorade, Starkist Tuna, Birdseye steamable vegetables, Coffeemate Coffee Creamer, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls for FREE. Items like Blistex, Softsoap Hand soap, Hormel canned chicken were just pennies.

This weekend my total before discounts/coupons was $309.10, I saved a total of $258.46, and I spent a total of only $50.73 for a total savings of almost 85%. I am along way off from being "back in the game", but this weekend sure felt great. Maybe even re-inspired a little.


Carrie said...

Wow! Wow! And more Wow!

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