Monday, January 25, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

Our mornings are never rushed. We plan everything so well the night before that mornings at our house are smooth sailing. So it wasn't me that noticed Brayden crying this morning as we made a mad dash out the door to get to work and school on time. Nor was it my mellow little man that said through tears "this belt is huge, these pants keep bunching up, and even my underwear are WAY too big". Nor would we both bust out laughing when we realized Brandt had accidentally put on the wrong pile of clothes and was sitting in the car with major high-waters on. Nope, not us. Nor did I sit back and allow my children to call me "silly mommy" over and over just to diffuse the situation since I had clearly told Brandt which pile was his.

I am going to a Computer Teacher Conference in Austin next week. I have already made plans for my kiddos. I have a sub coming and sub plans laid out. I have talked to the kids' teachers about what projects we need to finish before I leave. I have set up dinner plans in Austin every night with different family and friends. So it certainly wasn't me who got my badge in the mail this morning and realized I am a week off. I do not actually go to Austin until the following week. Ugh, I would never do something as silly as that. Nor would I be so glad I was procrastinating and at least didn't book the hotel already.

This weekend the boys wouldn't have behaved so badly that I seriously thought of putting them to bed at 5:30 PM. My kids are angelic and never misbehave so it couldn't have been them. Nor would we have decided that they had not earned a fun dinner of pancakes with all the toppings as we had originally planned and "punished" them with a dinner of Taco Bell. The boys normally really like Taco Bell so that would never have been effective. Nor did the middle 2 boys decide instead of going to bed early they would rather have a spanking. After the spanking it wasn't them who confessed it was all because they really wanted to eat the watermelon I had just bought. Nope, my kiddos would never be that in love with fruit that they would ask for a spanking just to get some.

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