Monday, January 11, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

This week my house has been full sickies, from of a coughing husband to hacking kids. Since I of course am never sick, it wasn't me that has kept my poor husband up for the past week and a half coughing non-stop all night long. I hate cough medicine with a passion, so if I did get out of bed numerous times a night to take the dreaded cough syrup or nasty Halls cough drops they would have at least helped me. Sigh, so I am not walking around like a zombie today, because 1 1/2 weeks with no sleep is finally catching up with me. Nor did I finally relent and let my husband make me a doctor's appointment for after school today. I guess the poor mister would like to sleep tonight.

We took the boys ice skating this weekend at Arctic Wolf. This was the boys second time to ice skate. We would never have taken them for the sole purpose that it was FREE we knew the boys would have a blast. I mean who cares that it is normally $11 to skate and $8 to watch a PERSON. There are only 6 people in our family so a mere $50 for an afternoon of biggie! I would never be that cheap. Plus the boys are already way better at skating than I ever was. So it isn't me that was constantly cracking up when they wiped out fell. That is not typically my humor, so it certainly wouldn't be funny when it was my own child falling. I mean they could get hurt, but don't think I wasn't giving God a mental "high 5" each time they missed hitting their heads by just a few inches.

This week I have not gotten addicted to a game called Luxor that Dustin found and loaded on his iPhone and my iPod Touch so that we can play it where ever we are. I just got on to him last week for playing it too much and at what I deemed bad timing, so that would be very hypocritical of me. That certainly doesn't sound like me at all. I mean I don't even really play video games very much, not even the Wii, so I would never get that addicted to a game. Not to mention my sweet angelic son Brandt would never be so competitive that anytime his Daddy plays Luxor and passes a level he wants a turn so he can catch back up to him.

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Julia said...

great post!!! what a beautiful fam you have. i have one boy at 1 year old (this week!!!) and he is already a handful! I couldn't imagine 4 boys!!