Saturday, January 9, 2010

Very Busy, Very Fun Saturday

My parents and nephews came to visit for the day, and we had a lot of fun. This morning we took all the boys to the local ice skating ring called Arctic Wolf. They were having an open house, and the boys got to try a lot of different things. Then this afternoon we took them to see the Texas A&M men's basketball team beat Nebraska. Whoop!
The boys and the "Cat in the Hat"
Sweet thing was freezing watching his brothers skateMy nephew Hunter and Brennan at the basketball game
My parents and Bryson Brayden and Dustin Bryson getting ready to "whoosh" when the Ags make a free throw Brennan was obsessed with feeding my dad popcornBrennan with his hands up during the Aggies free throws
Brandt and his best friend Clayton Brennan snuggling with my nephew Christian

The boys with the Yell Leaders after the basketball game

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