Thursday, January 28, 2010

My daredevil

Well the day I have dreaded for so long is finally here. Brennan can climb out of his crib. He climbed out of his playpen at the sitter's house yesterday, opened the door, and walked down the hall. This morning I heard him crying and went to get him and he was sitting at the top of the stairs. Today at the sitter's house he immediately crawled out of the playpen at nap time. I am so not ready for this. He is only 21 months old. This makes my life so much harder. He is such a great sleeper, and with 3 older brothers I need him to be a great sleeper. Tonight when I laid him down I told him not to climb out and he cried. lol It looks like it is time to start using the baby gate at the top of the stairs again. My baby is growing up!

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Carrie said...

Since he seems to stay in bed when we tell him to, what we can hope for is that his obedience will outweigh his zest for stunts! Ha!! And what are the odds that he would learn to climb out of his bed AND open a door all in the same day!?!?!?