Monday, January 4, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

I haven't done a "Not Me!" Monday post in a few weeks. Boy have I missed it. There is just something liberating about spilling all your not so perfect moments. Believe me, around my house there are plenty er, I mean Zero.Zilch.Nada of those moments.

This week when I discovered 1/2 through making dinner that we were out of milk I did not decide to substitute condensed milk instead. Since I am a gourmet chef and all I would have thought about it making the Creamy Italian Casserole sweet. Knowing me, I would have jumped in the car and driven to the store, or even better yet sent sweet hubby to get some for me instead. Therefore, dinner wouldn't have turned out so terrible that even the 20 month old baby that eats EVERYTHING well everything except SWEET Creamy Italian Casserole would have handed it back to me and said "yuck". Just for clarification when I tried to put another bite in his mouth he would gladly have opened his month and smiled sweetly as not to hurt my feelings, and would never have clinched his mouth shut and shook his head from side to side and said "NO, NO, NO". Nope, my sweet baby would never have done that. Nor would it have been 2 hours later before I realized I should have grabbed evaporated milk instead of the condensed milk.

This week while watching the Aggies play (not sure what to call it, but it wasn't exactly playing) football in a Bowl game I would never have gotten so frustrated that I got up and left before the end. I am a die hard Aggie fan, not a 2%er so I would never have given up on them. So it wasn't me that decided to the take the older 3 boys by myself to a Texas A&M Women Basketball game instead of watching the rest of the football game, while Dustin stayed home and enjoyed peace and quiet watched the baby. The game didn't even start until 8 PM, and I would never keep the boys out that late. Even if I had gone to the game, with it being that late I would have made a mad dash out the door after the game to get them in bed. I certainly wouldn't have hung around afterwards letting the boys play basketball on the court and even taking pictures with Coach Blair and several other players. See I am really shy, and that would have been TOTALLY uncomfortable for me to ask them to take pictures with my kiddos even if my kids were begging me to.This week we did not take Bryson to get his 4 year old pictures taken 2 months after his birthday. I am way more prompt than that. I take pictures on their birthdays, not 1/6th of the way to their next birthday. Nor did Brennan decide it was his turn to take pictures rather than Bry's. Remember this post when it was actually HIS turn to take pictures and he wanted nothing to do with it? So it wasn't him who had to be moved before every picture so he wasn't in the shot. Maybe this is a good sign that when we take him in April for 2 year old pictures he will cooperate. I can at least wish, right?In the past 3 days I would not have gone to Target 8 times! Yes, 8 times. Even with it being my favorite store that would be plain ridiculous. 6 of those trips wouldn't have been to see if they dropped their Christmas clearance from 75% to 90% off so my oldest son could buy a Club Penguin toy with his own money that he probably won't still be playing with in a month. I mean it would have made it $.99 instead of $2.49. It would totally have been worth my while to just pay the extra $1.50. Nor would I have gotten so frustrated on the last day that I went ahead and bought the darn toy for $2.49 and just told him it was $.99. Hopefully, he still learns his lesson on being frugal and I can get a few days reprieve from Target.

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Rudy Rukus said...

Very funny! I would never do any of those things either and my kids would never do any of those crazy things!! Because we are perfect LOL!! Far from it that is why we have to participate in EVERY not me Monday

Weeksie50 said...

8 Times! I love it!

I am glad your little guy got his penguin and his lesson... what a fun mommy you are...

Jennifer Poppy said...

Cute...and you have to admit Target is worth the drive, even if you're just window shopping;)

Carrie said...

Oh the classic Sears "white steps" prop. :) Some of Ellie's best pictures were taken with those wonderful things. :)

I'm laughing at how Brennan is making his cameo appearance in Bry's photo shoot. Very funny!