Thursday, August 13, 2009

Austin Park & Pizza...Warning Picture OVERLOAD!

This weekend we went to Austin Park & Pizza for my nephew's 9th birthday. We had never been before, but they have all kinds of stuff for kids to do. The boys had a blast.
Brennan saying "hi" with Grams (Dustin's mom)
Brandt and PawPaw (my dad)
Brennan showing me his silly face
Brennan chewing on his football
Older boys by the Putt-Putt golf course
Brandt loved riding the go-carts
Bry waiting for his turn to ride the go-carts with Dustin
Brennan got hot so my mom put water on him and then gave him a mohawk...kind of hard to see
Bry and one of his many silly faces
Look at that concentration. haha
Brandt and his buddy Michael looking on Brandt loved the bumper boats and squirting me with water
The boys begged Dustin to ride this with them since they weren't tall enough by themselves. By the end I wasn't sure who was having more fun.
Bryson and Brayden riding the spinning cups. They had this thing flying and the several times they rode it the guy had to manually stop their cup since they were going so fast.
Brayden and Bryson
Brandt and Michael turned their balloon swords into lightsabers and played Star Wars.

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