Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Broken Hearted Little Boy

Last year a little bit into the school year, Brandt's class got a new student. We moved almost every year while I was growing up, even 2 times a year on occassion. So I remember being the new kid, and I told Brandt to be nice to him and to be his friend. Well he took that to heart, and they became fast friends. Brandt went every few weeks all year long to playdates at Sean's house. He absolutely loved going over there and learning alittle bit about Korea and the Korean language from his mom.
Brandt, Sean, and another friend Jakob
Today Brandt had his last playdate with Sean. His dad has finished his dissertation and they are moving back to Korea. It has been a really hard night for Brandt since he knows Korea is on the other side of the world and he will probably never see him again. It made me misty eyed when they hugged each other bye tonight knowing that was the last time. They are going to be penpals, but that isn't the same thing. I was always the child moving on, except 1 time a friend of mine moved away. For me it was a lot easier to be the child moving, because you have the excitement and unknown to look forward to but it is really hard to be the child left behind. So hard to tuck a crying child into bed, when there is nothing I can do to ease his broken heart. Wow, being a parent can be super hard sometimes.

Ok, didn't last too long...Brandt is now in our bed. Can't stand to listen to him cry himself to sleep.

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